Union / Tempting Failure 2014, Bristol 2014 / Image by Roser Diaz

Hellen is a body-based live art & performance maker, based in London, UK.

Coming from a background of body modification, Hellen explores rituals of pain and endurance and how these intense physical acts can entertain us, move us and change us. Themes of loving and fighting, the transgressive feminine body, fetishism and romance are explored through a mix of brutal and beautiful imagery in pieces that often involve blood letting and precise wounds.

And yes, sometimes it does hurt.

Hellen has  worked alongside and collaborated with many other artists and performers, most recently with Marisa Carnesky as part of Carnesky’s Tarot Drome and Dominic Johnson in Departure (An Experiment in Human Salvage) and she is a long time collaborator with Polish art group Suka Off. She has shown work at Tempting Failure, Buzzcut and SPILL Festival of Performance.

+ image by Roser Diaz