February news – //BUZZCUT// 2015

Hellen Burrough, 'She was the Universe', SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photo by Guido Mencari.



+ Images from my piece ‘She was the Universe’ performed at SPILL Festival of Performance 2014 are now online!

+ I’ll be at //BUZZCUT// 2015 in Glasgow from 18 – 22 March, performing Union alongside Philip Bedwell. It’s my first time at //BUZZCUT// and I’m looking forward to it.


+ Marco Brambilla, Sync. I watched part of this in the Destricted collection of explicit art films. Montages of found footage – Sex, violence and voyeurism.


Various longreads I’ve loved this month

+ Alexander McQueen: Into the light, a beautiful look at the designer and his work.

+ I don’t care much for Taylor Swift but this piece on her belly button (of all things) talks about an interesting  ‘female navel taboo’ which I was not previously aware of.

+ Tanning, Training and Branding with the Bikini Bodybuilding Stars of Instagram

+ The Invisible Woman: A conversation with Bjork covers sexism, creativity, her new album.

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