July update


+ Plans are underway for new solo work to be shown this year, but there’s unfortunately nothing I can announce just yet.

+ Met with the super talented Lauren Jane Williams last night, whose work I’ve been a fan of for a while now, we’re going to be working together on something that I’m very excited about. More info coming soon, promise.


+ The Gaper/The Balcony by Ines von Bonhorst and Lauren Jane Williams. Just gorgeous. (Starring Ron Athey, Mouse, Empress Stah and Nina Davies)

+ Mountain by David O’Reilly – I love the short films by this guy so started ‘playing’ Mountain this week, i don’t think i’ve fully figured it out yet but its clearly an app like no other.


+ Defining a Vagenre – Categories of nudity in feminist performance – I guess I mostly work at Level 1.

+ 21 Life improvements from BJJ – Beautiful words from a female fighter, makes me very keen to get on the mats again.


+ broken glass + pearls (always) + suspension in performance + cosmetic surgery aesthetics + Nina Arsenault

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