New collaboration and upcoming performance dates

In October and November I’ll be performing a new piece, as yet untitled, in collaboration with my real-life partner Phil Bedwell.

An intense exploration of the intimacies of lust and aggression, utilising jiu jitsu techniques and the text of A Futurist Manifesto of Lust by Valentine De Saint-Point.
Phil and Hellen began collaborating last year when they worked on Marisa Carnesky’s Tarot Drome, their work together has combined Phil’s background in wrestling and martial arts with Hellen’s experience in live art to create highly physical pieces examining gestures of loving and fighting and the parallels between them.
This new performance has developed from a workshop run by Kira O’Reilly as part of DIY10. Over the three days of ‘Combative Manifestos’ they learnt techniques for both grappling and writing, and this performance evolved from those experiments with words and bodies.
This performance will be shown at:

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