News – September 2015

I’ve been too quiet on here for too long, it’s been something of a hibernation – processing, planning, moving, re-adjusting – and now I feel like I’m getting back on track, so here’s some updates on some things:


+ Last year I contributed to Thomas John Bacon’s piece ‘PERCEPTION:Lab’ which was performed this summer in Boston. I, along with 12 other artists, gave Thomas a sealed envelope containing an action that he would perform for an hour. Each action ‘was designed to stimulate the potential for failure through impossibility or risk’ and on 20 June Thomas opened each envelope in turn and perform it’s action, in an intense piece that lasted 13 hours. Find out more on Thomas John Bacon’s website. My contribution was Action 12.

+ After performing at Tempting Failure festival in each year it has run, I am very excited to say that this year I have joined the team as an Associate Producer and am looking forward to being able to share more news about Tempting Failure soon. For now check out the new website and like us on Facebook.

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