February news – //BUZZCUT// 2015

Hellen Burrough, 'She was the Universe', SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photo by Guido Mencari.



+ Images from my piece ‘She was the Universe’ performed at SPILL Festival of Performance 2014 are now online!

+ I’ll be at //BUZZCUT// 2015 in Glasgow from 18 – 22 March, performing Union alongside Philip Bedwell. It’s my first time at //BUZZCUT// and I’m looking forward to it.


+ Marco Brambilla, Sync. I watched part of this in the Destricted collection of explicit art films. Montages of found footage – Sex, violence and voyeurism.


Various longreads I’ve loved this month

+ Alexander McQueen: Into the light, a beautiful look at the designer and his work.

+ I don’t care much for Taylor Swift but this piece on her belly button (of all things) talks about an interesting  ‘female navel taboo’ which I was not previously aware of.

+ Tanning, Training and Branding with the Bikini Bodybuilding Stars of Instagram

+ The Invisible Woman: A conversation with Bjork covers sexism, creativity, her new album.

August news

The Double R Club performance - Juliet ShalamWork

+ Really thrilled to be showing a new piece involving suspension at The Double R Club this summer. It’s always interesting and risky creating work to show in a cabaret setting (admittedly Double R is a very strange kind of cabaret) and I’m enjoying how it takes me out of my comfort zone and of course, I’m enjoying performing in the gorgeous Spegeltent.

The show returns to London Wonderground on the 23rd August. You can get tickets here.


+ Is the woman who can’t cry stronger for it? In Aeon Magazine. Femininity, society and tears.

+ Without you I’m nothing – “The rock stars lover is public but powerless” I’m fascinated by the role of muse and it always feels like a very sexist set up to me (woman inspires, man creates) This article in The Believer looks specifically at the wives & girlfriends of famous male rock stars and their struggle to “stay whole in the great vortex of her lovers stardom”


+ Inside Flesh tumblr (NSFW) + Sideshow, freakshow and the carnivalesque + BME nostalgia & subdermal implants + drag +


Come To The Cabaret: The Independent




Well this is pretty awesome. My Red Rabbit/Double R Club performance got a mention in The Independent!

“A woman dubbed Traumata pulled needles out from under the skin of her forehead. The blood ran down over her white corset and underwear as she lifted her arms into the cruciform pose, looking like a sexualised female Christ minus the crown of thorns.”

Read the full article here: Come To The Cabaret. My first time in the national press!

[Image credit: Soulstealer.co.uk]