In a nameless city for The Double R Club, London

David Lynch's Rabbits

In a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain… three rabbits live with a fearful mystery

Tomorrow night I’ll be performing a new piece devised especially for The Double R Club. It’s inspired by the series David Lynch released through his website – Rabbits – and incorporates some elements I’ve been exploring in performances for a while now.

It doesn’t have a title yet, in my head I’m calling it Red Rabbit after the sinister character that appears part way through the series, so that might stick. We’ll see.

I’ve been a bit concerned about the slow, still, non-narrative nature of this piece, and how that will get over with an audience more used to surreal cabaret. Then I re-read this essay on Rabbits and found this quote from Mr. David Lynch:

“They want things to move fast, but it’s like water-skiing : when you go fast, you stay on top – you never get below the surface.”

I’m going to bare that in mind.

[For more info on The Double R Club, click here – and come along, I fully recommend it.]