Union in Glasgow at //BUZZCUT// 2015

Union performance / Tempting Failure 2014, Bristol/ Image by Roser Diaz

Union –  with Philip Bedwell.

FRI 20 MARCH – 3.45pm
The Mary Barbour, Pearce Institute. //BUZZCUT// festival

We cease to be connected physically but now joined through the shared ritual and our mirror image bleeding bodies. We both carry our lives marked in and on our bodies. Scars, tattoos, injuries have inscribed us with our stories and our passions. It’s natural for us to mark our marriage in a similarly physical way, and although we are joined, legally and romantically, we continue to be separate, individual and independent.


February news – //BUZZCUT// 2015

Hellen Burrough, 'She was the Universe', SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photo by Guido Mencari.



+ Images from my piece ‘She was the Universe’ performed at SPILL Festival of Performance 2014 are now online!

+ I’ll be at //BUZZCUT// 2015 in Glasgow from 18 – 22 March, performing Union alongside Philip Bedwell. It’s my first time at //BUZZCUT// and I’m looking forward to it.


+ Marco Brambilla, Sync. I watched part of this in the Destricted collection of explicit art films. Montages of found footage – Sex, violence and voyeurism.


Various longreads I’ve loved this month

+ Alexander McQueen: Into the light, a beautiful look at the designer and his work.

+ I don’t care much for Taylor Swift but this piece on her belly button (of all things) talks about an interesting  ‘female navel taboo’ which I was not previously aware of.

+ Tanning, Training and Branding with the Bikini Bodybuilding Stars of Instagram

+ The Invisible Woman: A conversation with Bjork covers sexism, creativity, her new album.